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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Minot North Dakota. Like it or not, here we go!

So a bit of news. Just a bit. ;-)
My stomach is cramping as I type this out. Not that I regret choosing Minot, just that I am nervous about the transition and.....the drive. Seriously.

Okay, let me back up. Thursday Jake called his commander and said:
J: so, how's it looking with my orders? Does it look like I'll be getting them next month or not?
C: let me call you back.
(calls back)
C: you can have your pick between ABQ New Mexico, or Minot North Dakota. Call your wife. Make a decision. Call me back. BTW, you only have a few minutes.

GREAT!!!! Seriously? A few minutes to make a life altering decision???? And whatever happened to just GETTING your orders? You don't get to pick! That's crazy! Nothing about this was the norm by any means. It was throwing us off big time! I said to Jake "why don't they just PICK a place and send us?" and he said "Do you really want them to pick?" Well no, I guess I didn't.

After much thought and consideration (as much as a few minutes would allow) we chose Minot. I know, I know.... pretty much EVERYONE thinks that was a bad choice, but believe me, we have GOOD reasons for choosing Minot. In the long run, it will be the best choice for our family. Jake and I are in total agreement on this. Now the part I DON'T like....we are moving in 44 days. 44 DAYS!!!! We will be driving through the northernmost states in the dead of winter....with all three kids....and me and my anxiety........ and paranoia. That is truly the only part of this whole thing that has me worried/bothered. I am a little stressed though about all the purging and organizing we will have to do before the movers come. That part makes me stomach turn and my heart race.I am NOT GOOD at organizing efficiently. I get overwhelmed with it. I shut down. That is what I did yesterday and the day before. COmpletely shut down and didn't do a THING. Not even the normal things I should have been doing for the sake of a picked up house. I just had too much clutter in my mind to focus. This makes me nervous for the next few weeks.

So anyway, that is what is going on around here. Praise the Lord the grandparents are a godsend today. My mom has offered to take the boys today for a few hours so we can focus on stuff here (b/c seriously, we have to start NOW) and Jake's mom has offered to take Dylan overnight for the first time ever! :D This should be exciting for him. I hope he does well, as he's never spent more than a couple of hours over there by himself, and that was before Aidan was it's been a while.

Off to pack up the turds, as we so lovingly call them, and drop them with my mom for a few hours. Think anyone'll notice if I go shopping instead? I think I need some retail therapy!! ;-)

Actually, if anyone knows a good organizer and purger, send 'em my way!

OH and if you're wondering WHY we chose Minot, I'll save that for another post.


Tam said...

I am the Queen Purger girl! I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to help you!!! Both Brent and i will do whatever we can. Just say the word Bran. Honestly! I mean this!!! OK?

I love you so much!

You're so grown's still so weird to me...

Brandy said...

HAHAHA!! That makes me laugh.... "you're so grown's still so weird to me.." heehee
Don't worry, it's weird to me too! ACK!

I am so SIL from portland agreed to come down and help me "purge." She helped me with my room when they were here at christmas and I asked her if she'd want to come down and help with the whole house! Otherwise I would totally be calling on you...I am HORRIBLE at purging. I asked mom to help me but she is bad too...haha...she said "someone else might be more help, I'm not sure we'd get rid of a lot together!" hahaha!

Thanks for the offer though, it means a lot to me. I will for sure call on you guys if something comes up I am sure it will. We have a LOT to get done in the next few weeks! They'll be coming to pack us up at the end of Feb. YIKES!!

Okay, off to your blog now. ;-)