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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Pretty Amazing Art

I ran acrossed this tonight.

UH-MAY-ZING. Seriously.

I found it by clicking on a Yahoo link about a guy who created an entire oil painting just by using the oil from FRENCH FRIES. That was kinda gross, but his art is amazing. I stared at his page, jaw dropped most of the time. Check it out.


Ed said...

Hi Brandy. Phil Hansen's site was amazing. Thanks for the link. I really loved his "Freezing Properties", especially the lyrics;

"My love for you grows like a fungus". Can you get more romantic. :)

"Your sexy highlights remind me of a zebra." What girl could possibly resist that. :)

Brandy said...

hahaha!! Glad you enjoyed it! I saw a link to his page somewhere else online today too...some news site. Apparently he is pretty hot right now. ;-)