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Friday, February 15, 2008

Funny Ha Ha Friday

I forgot to add the funnies to my previous post about getting busted. ;-)

Here are a few funnies from the last week with the kids:

McKenna was running to the boys' room and she said "Lets go Dylan! You're tagging me!" and squeeled and ran off. hahaha!!! Kind of like a few weeks ago when she was running/hopping and I said "McKenna I said no running" and she said "I'm not, I'm hopping hip" (skipping) heehee Oh the things kids say. ;-)

I was putting the kiddos down for a nap and Aidan lost his paci one day. This is what happens....he has it and tries to hide from me (b/c he's not supposed to have it) and then he loses it somewhere in the house. Normally I take it from them and put them up, but this morning he left it in his bed like he's supposed to so I didn't think about it again. Anyway, I'm looking for this paci and getting IRRITATED b/c he can't sleep without it and I can't find it. I said "This is so stupid!" while I was looking through toys and stuffed animals. Then, from his crib, he says, "mommy, we don't say soopid. Soopid is a mean." hahaha!! I love when they correct me.Honest. I do. It means they know it. ;-)

Today the boys were taking their bikes to the backyard from the garage and Aidan was pushing his bike and said "I have BIIIIIIIG muscles!"

Earlier this week I caught Dylan and McKenna playing "baby." She was trying to nurse him. That was a fun game to walk in on! I had to explain how only mommies and babies do that sort of thing. ;-) haha!!

Also this week, Aidan found "cat poop" under the kitchen table one morning. We don't have a cat. Upon further examination I realized HE had pooped under the table. The night before. After bath. When we let them run naked for a few minutes. How this went unnoticed you ask? It was late, the lights were off, and we had already had dinner with no reason to go back to the table. I can't believe I didn't notice it. I did however SMELL it that night, but thought they just were tooting. Next time I think I'll follow my nose. ;-)

Dylan to McKenna: "Do you know what gooerish means? It means when I don't like something"

Dylan: "Mommy! Aidan says HE is Uncle Nate and he's not!"
Me: "Well it's okay if he wants to pretend to be Uncle Nate"
Dylan: "But IIIIIIIIIIIII want to be Uncle Nate!!"
Me: "You can be Uncle Nate too"
Dylan: "NO! I want Aidan to be Aunt Teresa!"
He was literally in tears over this. Hysterically crying. haha!


Anonymous said...

I am sooo looking forward to all of this!

inWorship said...

He crapped under the table!!!!


bran said...

Sean, it really is fun! And they keep you on your toes....all the time!!! You are at what I thought was the most exciting time, anticipating the first born! The baby stage is my absolute favorite. No one else I know likes it as much as I do, b/c it really is hard, but something about a tiny ball of good smellin' baby love just makes my heart swell. I love it.

bran said...

Brent, yes, he crapped under the table. I could NOT believe it! I left it for when Jake came home at lunch....gross I know, but I just HAD to show him. hahaha!! Needless to say, we'll be keeping a closer eye on "naked" time after baths!

inWorhsip said...

So is this naked time a family event? I can just imagine Jake and naked time Hahahahahah!!!!!

TcH said...

Hey! your back. I can't believe you didnt email me!!!! Cant I be some of your grey????

I still can't believe no one wants to be me. Poor me. Sniff. Aunt Teresa is cool! I swear, she really is!!!

bran said...

Aww T I love you! I miss our e's during the day. And for the record, I didn't email anyone. ;-) Just lurked. ;-)

I am getting very excited for you to come down. Not so much for the organizing part but for the hanging out! :D

Indian Lake Papa said...

Yea know what I like about all his baby talk and young kids ??!! None of them are mine! heh heh heh! Even my grand kids are too old to crap under the table! The problem now is mama and papa are dealing with plumbing leakage! Whoops, shouldn't have sat here so long - crap!

bran said...

omgosh papa I am cracking up! haha!