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Monday, February 4, 2008

Thoughtful Aidan

This morning I was making pancakes and Aidan wanted me to hold him so I picked him up gave him loves while I flipped his pancakes. I love that sleepy warm smell to his cheeks when he first wakes up. :D

While I was holding him Owen was in the living room in his Bumbo (on the floor, no worries) and he sneezed and Aidan, without being prompted said, "Bess you baby Oooweeen!"

Ahhhh, so sweet. I love when they say nice things on their own. Yesterday Dylan and Aidan even said "I forgive you" without being prompted when the other would apologize. :D Now granted, I would love that they didn't have to apologize for anything even better, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere! ;-)


Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks for the comment - If I get the 10 comments I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

My kids are so big - 38 & 36 !:o( they grow-up so fast! But now there are grandkids - I fill em up with sugar and send em home! Payback time!

Brandy said...

You sound like my mom! ;-) But that is your right as Papa!

That is what I call my grandpa...Papa. I love it. Makes my heart swell to hear it. :D