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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Go Giants! And GO ME!

NY Giants 17, New England 14

YEAH! The boys had their faces painted in red and blue with "GO GIANTS!!" and "NYG" and footballs. They were so cute! Their team spirit payed off I guess! Yeah GIANTS!

I sat at home with Owen and watched while I spaced bagged all of the kids' clothes and got a HUGE pile for donations. Know anyone who needs boys clothes?? ;-) The house looks like a disaster with clothing piles everywhere (b/c I not done yet) but my brain hurts from all the sorting. I'm not naturally organized so thinking about it literally hurts my head. BUT, I've done a pretty good job so far! Go ME! :D heehee


Ed said...

Brandy I am sure it was your kids spirit that help the Giants win.

I had a friend who was a big believer in luck. For ever NYG game he made his wife wear a Giant jersey because she did once and they won.

They are now divorced. I think he was more upset over losing his lucky charm than a wife.

You will just have to make sure your children paint there faces for every Giant now. :)

Cheryl said...

That was an awesome game...wonder how Brady likes the taste of grass since he spent so much time on the ground!

Brandy said...

Ed, OF COURSE it was my kids' team spirit! :D heehee
That story about you're friend being more upset over losing his lucky charm than his wife made me giggle. ;-)

Cheryl, you are cracking me up!! I loved you're comments on Tam's too. heehee Jake was SO EXCITED, he said it was the PERFECT Superbowl game...intense up until the last minute!

Cheryl said...

Well, I'm here to make you laugh! Wonder what Tom is doing this morning...he's probably at the dentist getting the grass pulled out of those capped pearly whites...LOL!