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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I think I should clarify....

....that blog before about vasovegal, I think I got carried away explaining that and just forgot to ALSO mention, that the other "cause" they are thinking of was just pure dehydration, which is also a trigger. They aren't saying yeah or neigh on the vasovegal. So at this point, we just don't know, but are so thankful he is okay now.
Just thought I'd clarify!


Indian Lake Papa said...

I will be praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray for wisdom...there is one thing that came to mind...has he had anything different food wise...some friends of ours went through some similar things and found out it was a severe you!

Cheryl said...

Hmm...well, let us pray that Owen doesn't have this happen again.

Brandy said...

Deb, actually, I had JUST fed him sweet potatoes and mixed grain gerber cereal for the FIRST TIME an hour before he started throwing up. I asked about a food allergy and they all (dr's) said no. My gut wants to say it was the food but I kind of think I just want to blame something so badly too. Even so, no more sweet potatoes for baby O! Or mixed grain cereal. I'm also almost afraid to give him the oatmeal cereal too. He's had rice cereal before, but that's it, and in SMALL amounts.

Papa, thanks for stopping by and for your prayers too!

Hi Cheryl! Thanks!

Tam said...

From here on, beings we really don't know for sure what caused it, we can't think it's one thing or the other I guess. All we, you, can do now is assume that everything is fine. It's so weird though...not "knowing". At this point it is all about trust.

I was thinking that in Owens case we have trust that he's gonna be ok and it won't happen again. It was a real, tangible case of faith and trust in action. But everyday, we exercise that same trust and hope and faith that our kids will be alright, be protected and kept safe.

I'm just praising Him each day for allowing us to experience His creation and what it means to be a family all together!

Love you Bran!

Brandy said...

Tammy you are so right. We really have NO CLUE what it was, only speculations. But whatever the cause, I pray it doesn't happen again!

It was a real case of faith, especially when I was talking with God in the ambulance and I just KNEW Owen would be okay. I didn't know b/c I WANTED him to be okay, I knew b/c God placed it on my heart, I firmly believe that. It makes me choked up now thinking about that.

I can tell you that today, I have handled my kids differently, looked at them differently, and even looked at God differently. At the end of all of this, it has been a blessing in the long run I think.

Love you too!

Anonymous said...

Your mind can go through a thousand things....and wear ya out. I'll be praying that it was just a one time "oopsies"...if you do decide to have some allergy testing done, it is very quick and you girl! God's not nervous and has it well under control! :)