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Sunday, August 5, 2007

How Ruuuuuuuuuuuuude!

So tonight Mom and I went to Walmart for some odds and ends and we took Owen with us. The boys stayed home with Jake b/c we went so late....that way he could put them down for bed. While we were there we were looking at cards and I was standing at the end of the isle getting ready to turn into another isle and this guy walked by and RUBBED Owen's forehead!! I had him in the basket of the cart, so he had to reach down INTO the cart to rub his head. I looked up at him with my eyes wide and looked at the girl with him and just fumbled for anything to say....all I could do was STARE in a disapproving way and say "UUUUUUHHHHHHHH?!" and then they walked off. I definately was NOT smiling at them and they both just smiled at me and walked off.

I am NOT a quick thinker on my feet especially when I am caught off gaurd (as my friend Toni reminds me of all the time!) and I have NEVER had anyone touch my babies before! I have read on message boards about people complaining that strangers try to touch their babies, and honestly I always thought they were a bit anal, but that was until tonight. EW! Please don't touch my baby! Okay, I HAVE had little cute sweet old ladies who look older than Moses touch them on their arm or leg or foot, but never on their face! Them I don't mind so much b/c I know what is going through their heads, they are probably thinking about their kids when they were babies and I just think of that more as a nice sweet thing. But tonight just rubbed me, and Owen, the wrong way. ;o)

I saw once online that they have stop signs for strollers and car seats that say "Please don't touch me" and when I saw those I thought "WEIRD!" but tonight..... not so much.

Okay, I being anal here??


Cheryl said...

Oh Bran, ICK! You're not anal at all. I hate it when strangers do that. It's one thing if I know you it's another thing entirely if I don't. The old ladies usually ask me if it's ok. That reminds me of when we were flying back to see my family and we were in LAX getting lunch or something. This really creepy/greasy looking guy takes a look at Simone and comments on how cute she was. At that point I told Greg that I would wait for him some place else because they guy looked like he was about to touch her. I also knew Greg would probably assault him if he did touch her. But I always seem to think of the right thing to say afterwards.

Tam said...

I would have loved to seen your face Bran! What you should have done was walked up and started rubbing him! Awkward!!!

Cheryl, "Creepy/Greasy? Nice!

Bran said...

ah ha ha! On those message boards where I see women complaining about this, one woman said that when she was pg and someone rubbed her belly, she would rub their NOSE or whatever else stuck out on them, and that she would do that when people tried to touch her baby too!!!! Uh, yeah....awkward!!

Cheryl, I am like you, if someone "iffy" even looks at my kids I get nervous.

Cheryl said...

They let anyone fly these days Tam.

Bran said...

I have a friend on myspace who left a comment in my blog about this on there..."WWJD??" and I laughed and said "Jesus never had to push a baby through our walmart!" heehee

I should have said "Jesus would have asked first." har har :P