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Friday, August 17, 2007


Current mood: excited
OOOOOH! Today mom and I braved the mall with the kiddos.... which BTW is a GREAT money saver b/c they were so crabby we only went to one store! Anyway, Macy's was having this HUGE sale that lasts all weekend and some of their stuff is only 4.99!!! OMG! Mom was there to pick something up for my grandma and a sales lady was helping her and I noticed a cute pair of capris and I said "oh these are cute and they are only 9.99 and the lady said "no honey they are 4.99....everything in this section is" and I said "WHYYYYYY am I not shopping then?!" and I proceeded to tear through the racks! AH HA HA!!
I got $251 worth of clothes for only $44!!!!!! YAHOOOOO! Made my day! ;o)


Tam said...

that explains your current mood! I'm excited now too! Way tog o girlie!

Cheryl said...

How come that never happens to me?!

Bran said...

girls....the sale is going on all weekend! I'm heading back tomorrow night after my hair appt! HA! HA!

Brent Hodge said...


Bran said...

You guys are funny!
Well I DO need my roots done with the blonde, but I guess I won't go WAAAAY blonde like I was wanting. :( hehe!

I tried an outrageous red once, didn't look so hot. LOL