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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My baby has out grown an outfit!!! :(

My baby has out grown an outfit already!!!! Current mood: nostalgic
Oh my goodness! My baby has already outgrown an outfit....and it happens to be my FAVORITE outfit on him! It's the one I put him in for his appearance on the news ("Baby Talk") which btw, airs on September 11 at 5:30. I can't believe it. :( I put it on him today and I could BARELY snap the snaps between his legs and it fits him snugly now. He will wear it today but then that's it. :( I'll have to box it up. And he's only worn it MAYBE four times. *sniff* I really didn't think he was that much bigger. I hate when they outgrow clothes so fast. :(
Here is a picture of him in it the first time he wore it. :)


Cheryl said...

I hear ya...I have a box of stuff already! :(

Tam said...

if it's your favorite you should frame it. seriously! one of this deep frames. then have a pic of him framed next to it...awwwww!