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Friday, August 17, 2007

What's the scoop on poop???

Okay, so we have been pottytraining Dylan for FOREVER now. We "introduced" it to him sometime between 18months and 2years.... and only in the last 6 months have we really been hardballing him on it. He wears underwear now during the days (he went back and forth for months!) and can go #1 (only using numbers for the sake of other readers) fine but when it comes to #2 he downright REFUSES to go! He will go for my mom, but never for us. I hope that has just been coincidence! Tonight he was running around here PANICKING b/c he had to go so bad, so he'd get up there to go and then say "I can't, it hurts too bad" and then we proceed to do this four more times tonight! THEN bathtime comes and I hear Jake YELLING.... apparently a little #2 slipped out in the tub! So, Jake has to drain the water all out, clean the tub, then get them back in. Oh yeah, not to mention the fact that Aidan has had #2 after #2 after #2 ALLLL DAAAY today. What is WITH these kids?? One can't stop going, the other refuses!

So, now they are in bed and poor Dylan never did go. :( I feel so bad for the little guy. I know his tummy is killing him. He was near tears it hurt so bad....but the tears dried up quick once he sat on that potty and determined he couldn't go. Maybe we'll have more luck tomorrow.

Pottytraining SUCKS!


Tam said...

i remember Kota refused to do "Big Potty" for awhile after he was "trained". So one day, right before my breaking point, I sat him on the pot and told him I'd check on him every few minutes and don't get up. Tears, tears, tears sniff, sniff for like a couple of hours! He even got his lunch on the throne that day! Then suddenly I hear a "Momma, momma!!!!" I ran in to look at his swollen little face from crying yet he has a huge smile from ear to ear, he's holding his arms out with fingers touching as if to make a big letter "O" and he says, "Look, Momma, it's THAT BIG!!!" It was! And to this day he is our toilet clogger! But at least he goes now!

Bran said...

OH my wooooooord! That is funny!
Poor little guy! I bet his butt hurt from sitting there so long! LOL

Yeah, Dylan snuck a poo into his diaper this morning before we got up. :( Grrrrrr. Sneaky, sneaky.

Then just a few minutes ago, Aidan found an opened thing of Reese's pieces and there were like 4 left so I gave them each two just to get rid of them, and Dylan says "NO, you are NOT supposed to give me a treat unless I poop on the potty and DIDN'T!" ah ha ha!!!

We'll see how today goes.....